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Fanzart Fans are the perfect fusion of beauty & functionality!

Uniquely crafted to perfection, the luxurious breeze experience, and whisper-quiet technology make your home a blissful haven.

For every Style that you can think of, there is a Fanzart fan that can adorn your ceiling and leave you mesmerized with its unparalleled elegance and regality.

Fanzart fans the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality
How to Choose a Fan?

You may choose a fan, based on:

Aesthetic Design or Mood board
Functionality: Location, Room size, Breeze
(CFM, Blade size, Blade pitch, RPM)
Specific Use case: Dining tables, Walk-in closets
Features - Summer-Winter, Sleep Feature, BL-DC motor.
white room interior with designer sofa set

Why fanzart?



Classical Collection (10)

Contemporary Woodcrafted Collection (14)

Simply Modern Collection (47)

Fandelier Collection (16)

Crystal Collection (10)

Tropical Collection (8)

Wall Mount Collection (4)

Outdoor & Mist Collection (2)

Smart Series Collection (8)


    Perizaad Zorabian X Fanzart

    Actor, Entrepreneur


    Perizaad Zorabian Fanzart

    Actor, Entrepreneur


    3D MODELs for Google Sketchup / 3DS Max

    Adding art to your ceiling just became easier!

    Introducing 3D models for Google Sketchup and 3Ds Max Studio. Now you can download our fans from the 3D warehouse and use it to render your space, be it your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room with an actual model of the fan that is available to you.