“Trendy and timeless”.
Tropical Style, if done correctly, can stand the test of time and can help you create your OASIS at home. The Style is characterized by warm and soothing colours mostly drawn from a natural element. Tropical themed decor can help inspire a casual, relaxing atmosphere with a resort-style feel.
Fanzart’s Tropical collection encompasses rattan finished blades intricately crafted to ensure a tropical paradise look and feel. The exclusive collection is a perennial favourite that can add an elegant touch of tropical to your outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. Recreating the look of an island bungalow in your home just became easier.

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23,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart's Bahama is indeed a designer fan that will leave you desiring for it in your space. The antique brass housing and Rattan finished ABS blades will leave you enchanted in its beauty. Also available as Desire Mood Boards: Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, Tropical

Caribbean Dark Rattan

25,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart's designer ceiling fan collection has the ability to transform your space into something magical. The Caribbean is nothing short of magic as it transforms your space into a tropical Island. Also available as Caribbean Natural Rattan Mood Boards: Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, Tropical

Caribbean Natural Rattan

25,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart's Caribbean, exquisitely crafted from ABS blades with natural rattan finish will transport you to the Caribbean Islands. This semi-outdoor fan is sure to make the indoors come to life. Also available as Caribbean Dark Rattan Mood Boards: Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, Tropical


29,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart's Rodeo goes all the way to make your space one with nature. The blades are specially crafted with natural rattan giving it an authentic touch and feel. Mood Boards: Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, Tropical