“Relief for sweltering heat”
Looking for a fan as exotic as your garden? Your search ends here! A Midsummer’s dream, Fanzart’s Summer Garden is everything you could have wished for and more. This exotic piece of art is designed with a granite table around it and is just what you need to sit around with your family and sip a cup of coffee or chill out with your friends.
Think of a hot summer’s day, when you’re in an outdoor park, or on your terrace, or in the balcony, or just in your backyard or your garden. The Outdoor fan is one of a kind mist fan that is fanzart’s answer to the sweltering summers and will excel in each and every one of those spaces, as its evenly spread mist helps bring the temperature down as much as 8º celsius! This undoubtedly has a huge impact on your immediate environment, and certainly much bigger than what an AC or a cooler would have in an open space.

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