“Mesmerizingly breathtaking”.

A culmination of modernity and ingenuity, Fanzart’s crystal collection will leave you in awe the moment you set your eyes on it. The craftsmanship with which the Austrian crystals are intricately designed and embedded into the fan will leave you awe-struck.

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Crystal Retractable

79,990.00 Incl.taxes
The sheer beauty of the Crystal will leave you awe struck. The luxury designer ceiling fan Crystal is nothing short of grandeur and will elevate your space to give it a regal look. The fan along with the chandelier can be rightly called as ‘Fan-delier’

Dew Drops Black

49,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart’s Dew Drops black is specially crafted to stand out against a neutral backdrop. The Dew Drop black will leave you awestruck with its unparalleled elegance. Also available as Dew Drops Mood Boards: Neo-Classic, Hollywood Glam

Dew Drops Chrome

49,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart’s Dew drops will leave you dazzled with its sheer beauty and intricately designed crystals looking like Dew Drops, this crystal chandelier cum fan or simply fandelier exudes splendor. Also available as Dew Drops Black Mood Boards: Neo-Classic, Hollywood Glam

Rolex Chrome

59,990.00 Incl.taxes
Discover Rolex Chrome, a luxury designer ceiling fan from Fanzart’s Fandelier collection. The Rolex Chrome is designed with perfection and will leave you mesmerised by its sheer brilliance. Also available Rolex Gold. Mood Boards: Neo-Classic, Eclectic, Hollywood Glam, Bohemian

Rolex Gold

59,990.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart’s Rolex Gold can enthral one by its sheer beauty and elegance. Whoever sets eye on this fan will be left awestruck. The Rolex Gold can indeed be the centre piece that can completely change the look and feel of your living room or dining room. Also available Rolex Chrome. Mood Boards: Neo-Classic, Eclectic, Hollywood Glam, Bohemian

Zephyr Retractable

79,690.00 Incl.taxes
Fanzart’s Zephyr will leave you mesmerised so much that the beauty of the fan cannot be put into words. The Zephyr is sure to sweep you off your feet. Mood Boards: Neo-Classic, Hollywood Glam