Wooden Classics From Fanzart That You Need For Your Home

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Here’s a situation for you: you walk into a modern Indian apartment or home. If we ask you the picture the fan, what would you imagine? Most of us, to be fair, would immediately picture a fan made of metal or steel, because that’s the norm today. On the other hand, if we ask you to picture a wooden fan, you’d immediately picture it in an old-ish home – a cabin in the woods with creaky doors, or a spacious ‘Haweli’ or something in that ilk.

But the truth is, wooden fans are not only absolutely majestic and stunning, but are making a comeback into contemporary homes in a big way. Add Fanzart’s cutting edge technology into the mix, and you have the fan of your dreams – one that you’ll fall in love with, and one that’ll last you a while, too.

Our engineers have burnt the midnight oil to ensure that the technology used is pretty top-notch as well. It’s 2019, after all, and everything around us has evolved – so it’s only natural that your fan evolves with the time as well. Fanzart’s series of wooden fans boast an increased blade angle, which has allowed us to slightly reduce the RPM. This results in higher air displacement, and a whisper quiet-and-soothing airflow for an enriched experience. We also have fans that rotate bi-directionally – anti-clockwise to give you cool breeze, and clockwise to circulate the air without giving you the cool breeze. Furthermore, the fans’ unique blade angle helps produce three times the airflow as compared to other fans. This is due to the ‘vortexing’ of the air in the room, that is pushed by the angular blades. This produces more air and thus, provides more comfort to you as well.

While there are over 90 different fans to pick from, it’s the wooden range that really stands out. Fanzart’s wooden range of fans are largely divided into two categories: vintage, and contemporary.


The vintage range of fans, as the name suggests, pays homage to the classic designs of the years gone by – with the technology of today, of course. Some of our favourite options include:

The Classic: With its vintage design, the Classic is the epitome of minimal royal decor. With its five laminated wooden blades, it really is rather classy!

The Diana: Named after the stunning princess, our Diana is just as elegant. Boasting exquisite artwork and a regal design, this gorgeous fan comes with an LED light kit and a remote control as well!

The Elegance: The name’s a bit of a giveaway – but the Elegance is definitely one of the more stylish fans at Fanzart. Armed with reversible dual colour blades and an LED mounted dome, it’s a stunning wooden addition to any home!

The Monarch: A royal look, for a royal addition to your space. Aptly named the Monarch, this majestic wooden fan is in a different league altogether.

The Picasso: Named after the incredible artist himself, the Picasso is both sublime and incredibly beautiful. As a homage to the artist, the wooden blades of the fan have been completely handcrafted, making it the perfect addition to any room in your house. 

The Vatican: Displaying a glorious design that’s reminiscent of the Holy See, the Vatican pays homage to the jaw-dropping art and architecture of the holy city. A visual treat armed with modern technology – what’s not to love?

The Victoria: Named after the queen, the Victoria is just as elegant, just as regal. With its red brass dome and exquisite ring of LED lights, the five-blade fan has a retro feel to it – making it stunningly special.


Sleek, stylish, and modern, Fanzart’s contemporary range of wooden fans boast a fantastic blend of futuristic designs and modern technology to give you a top-quality fan that ticks all the boxes. Some of our favourite picks include:

The Blaze: If you think you need a fan with multiple blades, think again. With its two blades and precision based design, the Blaze is a gorgeous contemporary wooden fan that is guaranteed to change the way you feel about fans forever!

The Cherry: Gorgeous design, better finish – the Cherry is a modern designer fan made using natural wood. Its curvy blades boast a fantastic rustic finish, making it look pretty like a ripe cherry.

The Maple: Five wooden blades for a five star performance – the Maple is all style and all substance too. It’s sleek, it’s natural, and it adds an element of style and panache to your space. Throw technology into the mix, and what’s not to love?

The Pine: Three sleek wooden blades make this fan a whole lot better than others. Just the right curves, and just the right technology, makes this fan the perfect pick for any home.

The Twister: With five massive wooden blades and a dome that resembles the eye of a tornado, the aptly named Twister adds an element of unique luxury to your ceiling. In addition to its beauty, the technology is impressive too, while its LED light kit and remote control gives you a truly majestic feel.

In a nutshell, what we’re trying to say is that with Fanzart, you don’t have to settle for style over substance – because we give you the perfect balance of both. From vintage classics to contemporary creations, we have a range of wooden fans that you can use to not only adorn your home and add an element of beauty to it, but to also make your life a whole lot easier too.


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