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“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

The immortal words of Carl Sagan may have been uttered decades ago, but as we gallop headfirst into a scientifically advanced, technologically dependent society, they ring truer than ever today. Truth be told, we are a society that’s heavily dependent on technology – and are spoilt by how quickly it’s advancing too.

Here’s a quick test: look at every piece of technology around you. Be it your television, your phone, your laptop, or your refrigerator, even, you’ll realize that all of them have evolved tremendously in the last decade or so. 

Take a look up, though, and you’ll realise that you’re still using the same old fan, that hasn’t changed in the slightest. Being such an important and integral part of our home, it’s rather incredible that it’s the case – but that’s where we come in.

Say hello to Fanzart – the largest designer fan brand in India, where we believe that technology and beauty together can bring about evolutionary innovation. In a rather short span of time, Fanzart has become a market leader in the field, and creates exotic designer fans, for designer homes.

When we say ‘designer’ though, it’s easy to typecast the brand as one where the fans only look stylish, simple and artistic – but in truth, they’re efficiently robust as well. With more than 75 different types of luxury fans available in more than 50 stores across India, Fanzart is here to change the way Indians perceive and use fans. As pioneers in the Indian market, we changed the way fans work – by using the finest technology to maximise efficiency, and looking incredibly elegant and gorgeous while doing so as well!

All Show And No Substance? Quite The Opposite, Actually

As mentioned earlier, as a company, we do make designer fans, which can be easily misconstrued. Do we make fans that can be described as ‘pretty’ or ‘stunning’? Why, yes, and we pride ourselves in doing so, too. However, there’s more to our fans than meets the eye – and by using revolutionary technology, we have changed the way fans work, forever.

Most of it is, in fact, catered to your needs too. For example, we have a series of fans with an increased blade angle, which has allowed us to slightly reduce the RPM. This results in higher air displacement, and a whisper quiet-and-soothing airflow for an enriched experience. We also have fans that rotate bi-directionally – anti-clockwise to give you cool breeze, and clockwise to circulate the air without giving you the cool breeze. Not one to complicate things, we call it the ‘cozy warm air effect’!

Furthermore, Fanzart fans have a unique blade angle that produces three times the airflow as compared to other fans. This is due to the ‘vortexing’ of the air in the room, that is pushed by the angular blades. This produces more air and thus, provides more comfort to you as well.

Wait — So How Many Types Of Different Fan Technologies Are There?

As mentioned earlier, we have over 75 different types of fans – each more unique than the next. 

For starters, there’s the ‘Smart Series’ from Fanzart, that features a range of fans that rotate in three different planes. To put it into layman terms, they go up and down, and also sideways providing air for the whole room that they are placed in. This is a complete 360 ‘AirXperience’ and makes these trendy hybrid fans incredibly utilitarian.

Furthermore, all Fanzart fans come with ‘Radio Frequency’ remote controls. Imagine a ceiling fan with a remote, featuring high-quality ball bearings, and triple dipped copper coil motors too – all of which are fantastic, top-notch quality parts that ensure you have the best experience. There are also fans that come with DC motors – all of which makes your experience so much better.

Our pedestal fans are the first 360º degree rotating fans in India. 

Our table fans are the first 3D oscillating fans in India. They rotate across the X-axis as well as the Y-axis – which, in layman terms, would be horizontally, as well as vertically!

Humanoid is a fan that comes with a Human Tracker. It’s crafted in a manner that allows it to smartly adjust its rotation based on where humans are seated!

For lovers of all things music, meet Melody – a fan that comes with an in-built bluetooth speaker.

We have also built a range of fans with retractable and collapsible blades. A technological marvel in itself, but one that looks exquisite and is rather effective on a hot summer’s day too.

And speaking of a hot summer’s day, say hello to the Aqua Jet Mist Fan, that has become something of a top seller across hotels and restaurants during summer. With its refreshing breeze of mist spreading over a large area evenly, the fan is the perfect pick to beat the summer heat. The Aqua Jet Mist Fan excels in outdoor spaces as it spreads mist and brings the temperature down by a whopping 8 degrees Celsius! The outdoor variant comes custom-fitted with three articulating wheels that make it extremely motile, and provides the user ease-of-access. 

Apart from the outdoor model, we also have a wall-mount variant which makes the fan more ergonomic in smaller spaces. The fan, in fact, is being widely used in villas, resorts, stadiums and parks across the world.

The Incredible ‘Fandelier’

While we do boast a massive variety of fans, our showstopper, undoubtedly, is the Fandelier. A combination of a fan and a chandelier, the design for the gorgeous fan was inspired from the city of Venice in Italy. The ‘Venetian’ has an incredible 14 foldable acrylic blades around a stunning LED mounted crystal dome, and remote-control kit for comfort and convenience.

A Fanzart exclusive product, the Fandelier brings together the comfort of a ceiling fan and the style of a chandelier – an amalgamation of fans and interior decor; a beautiful ‘centrepiece’ of sorts, to give you the best of both worlds. Furthermore, although the fan is equipped with 70 LED lights and 120 crystals, it consumes only 55 watts of power (DC power) – which is extraordinary levels of efficiency!

When not in use, the Venetian ceiling fan doubles up as a gorgeous home decor product. Its 14 foldable acrylic blades collapse, creating a stunning LED mounted crystal dome that makes your room look nothing short of resplendent. And oh, did we mention that it boasts a DC motor, that ensures it’s bi-directional too?

In A Nutshell

All in all, the brand has only one mission – to redefine what luxury means to you, through fans that not just look like a million bucks, but by elevating and overhauling the way you experience fans. As mentioned earlier, Fanzart fans are relatively new in the market, but are already trusted by leading architects, designers and customers – which is a testament in itself to the technological advancements we’re bringing to the world of fans. By using time-tested manufacturing techniques, we ensure that every fan is a masterpiece.

You can order a fan, or simply learn more about us on our website here.


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