Ten Studio Apartment Ideas To Make Small Space Seem Bigger

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First things first: everyone should, at least once in their life, live in a studio apartment – especially if you’re one of those who thinks they’re not creatively inspired. Why? Because when you live in a studio, your creative juices start flowing in a jiffy, and you’ll be surprised at how easily you can be inspired to think more freely!

For many of us who dwell in the metropolitan cities, living in a studio isn’t exactly a choice, and surging property rates ensure that cramped spaces are a constant reality.

But hey, all’s not lost, for there are ways in which you can maximize every square inch of space available to you.

And if you’re looking to do just that, here’s how you can make your minuscule apartment feel like the castle of your dreams!

1. The Furniture

When it comes to furnishing a studio apartment, there are two simple ways to go about it: be minimal, or master the art of concealing.

Minimalist decor is pretty self-explanatory, but hard to pull off. Finding a small table and two chairs, for example, isn’t tough, but finding one that fits into your home seamlessly and adds aesthetic value as well won’t be a doddle. However, it helps save floor space – so the extra effort is well worth it.

If you’re not big on small furniture (or for that matter, putting in effort) then foldable furniture is where it’s at. Bring it out when you’re using it, fold it up into an unassuming wall unit when you’re not. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

2. Less Is More

We might sound like a broken record when we talk about minimalism, but that’s only because it’s so effective. However, it’s important to understand that being minimalistic is not synonymous with purchasing smaller pieces of furniture. Less is more – and even one massive, strategically placed couch is better than six carelessly placed chairs in the living room. Always remember: a decluttered look will always make a room feel bigger.

3. Hidden Storage

Every piece of your furniture should contain some form of storage space. Be it your couch, your bed, or your coffee table, your furniture needs to be multi-purpose with as much hidden storage space as possible. Curtains and strategically hung textiles, too, help conceal storage spaces. Simply put, it just helps you store your belongings in a neater manner, and with relative ease. And of course, for the hoarders, it allows you to purchase and possess more items as well!

4. More Mirrors

Everyone knows that mirrors make your apartment seem bigger, but it’s not just a case of mindlessly placing as many mirrors as you can in your house. In fact, it’s important to master the art of strategically placing these mirrors, lest your room looks more cluttered. For example, you could place a mirror right across the window so that it could reflect light and make your room look larger. You could also place a mirror across or behind a large piece of furniture, which would have a similar impact.

The best thing to do? Dedicate an entire wall to a large mirror, et voila – the room magically looks much larger!

5. More Illusions

While we’re on the subject of illusions, mirrors aren’t the only way to do it. A large piece of a rug placed near a piece of furniture could, in theory, make your room look and feel larger than it is. Furthermore, placing your furniture slightly away from the wall gives the illusion of space as well. In fact, couches with exposed legs have a similar effect – so you’re spoilt for choice!

6. The Ceiling

When doing up an apartment, most people forget that there’s a massive space that they can utilize: the ceiling. Apart from using light colors, accents, and decor, what people don’t realize is that something as simple as your ceiling fan could double up as decor as well. At Fanzart, we have a wide range of large and small fans that don’t just do the job but look absolutely gorgeous while doing so too. Furthermore, each one of them is remote-controlled, can be customized, and has a multitude of other features as well – making it the perfect multipurpose ‘decor’ item to maximize the space available on your ceiling.

7. Vertical Space

The best way to get creative when it comes to making the most of the space is by going vertical. The idea works perfectly when it’s a cupboard or a closet – so why can’t it work in the kitchen, or say your living room? Furthermore, the idea isn’t just limited to storage and works perfectly for decor as well.

Even if you just have shelves or closets, that ought to work perfectly. And if it looks a little cluttered, you could always simply cover it up with curtains!

8. Declutter

Easier said than done, of course, but we’re trying to make a point and drive it home as well. Decluttering, in all honesty, is the easiest (not to mention the cheapest!) way to maximize the space in your home. The idea is to master the art of letting go – and to constantly ask yourself one question and one question only: do I really need this?

If even a small part of you says no, it’s time to toss it in the bin. Try this with everything in your house, and you’ll soon realize that you have a lot more space to work with!

9. Customisation

It’s time to be experimental, to take a leap of faith, and of course, to DIY! There are multiple stores and brands (Fanzart included) that offer you customizable options so that you can create and curate a range of essentials that are best suited to your apartment and its needs. The most beautiful thing about customization is that you’re in control – which means there’s scope for not only more storage but also better pieces of furniture that fits the bill to a tee.

The only roadblock with regards to customisation is that not everyone has the time, the money, or the inclination to dabble with DIY. But if you do, then there’s no reason why you should hold back!

10. Lastly, Constantly Innovate

Our favorite rule? Break the rules. Look to constantly innovate, and play around with everything you have in the house. All flat and stable surfaces, for example, can be tables. Want a hammock in the middle of your room? Go for it. Want to own a bunch of bean bags instead of chairs? What’s stopping you?

The truth is, it’s your apartment. How you choose to live in it, is totally up to you. Just make sure whatever you do, it remains aesthetically appealing – because a pretty, warm, welcoming apartment, after all, is what makes a home.


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