Presenting, The Fandelier – The Only Luxurious Home Trend You Need

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Home decor in India is extremely underrated. Functional, premium home decor, even more so. Very few people in the country realise that there’s a certain sense of beauty associated with it – after all, the job of home decor is to add (and increase!) the aesthetic value of your room, and your home.

Trouble is, while there are scores of decor stores in the country, mostly catering to pieces of art that can be stored or hung in a place that falls in your peripheral vision, the people in India have never seen the humble ceiling fan as a potential decor item.

A perennial problem for the aesthetically conscious, the drab old ceiling fan poses quite a challenge. It’s certainly necessary unless one wishes to be broiled alive in the (dis)comfort of their unventilated living space.

But having a fan in an exquisitely hideous shade of brown bang in the centre of the ceiling leaves little room for more elegant embellishment.

How often have you wished you could have something nicer to look at than three dust-coated blades that turn into a dust-coated blur every time you look at your ceiling?

Maybe wished for something truly impressive when your snooty distant relatives come to visit?

Well, all of that is about to change.

After months of research, planning, implementation, engineering, and execution, Fanzart has created its showstopper, and a true masterpiece – the Fandelier!

And yes, as the name itself suggests, the Fandelier is a portmanteau; a combination of two things we all need and want on our ceiling – a functional fan, and a stunning, gorgeous chandelier.

But the real question on everyone’s mind, we’re sure, is this: how does it work? Well, let’s break it down!

Let’s start with its design. Unique, one of a kind, and oh-so-stunning, the design for the Fandelier has been inspired by the gorgeous city of Venice. Its beauty has been embedded into the look and feel of the fan, and thus, adds more than a touch of resplendence to your space. Furthermore, given its radiance, the Fandelier makes for the perfect ‘centrepiece’ of sorts. The luxury fan has also been equipped with as many as 70 LED lights and 120 crystals – all of which as to its striking beauty. This comes in handy in more ways than one, particularly when not in use, because it doubles up as a home decor product!

When it comes to the fan aspect of the creation, especially its technical features, the Fandelier knocks it out of the park there as well. Called the ‘Venetian’, it has an incredible 14 foldable acrylic blades around its gorgeous LED mounted crystal dome – which means, when not in use, they collapse, fold, and don’t use up any space! This ceiling fan with lights also comes equipped with a strong and reliable DC motor, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing the core machine for a while after purchasing it. The fan also come with a remote control kit –– which ensures that you can control the fan, and its speed, right from the comforts of your couch.

All of this sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not all the fan offers, and we’re not done yet!

The Fandelier is also bi-directional –– and if you’re confused what that means, let us explain it to you further. The direction in which your fan rotates plays a crucial role in determining the airflow. So if the fan rotates anti-clockwise, the breeze will come directly at you, whereas in the case of a clockwise rotation, the air will vortex upwards, and circulate in the room without giving you the cool breeze. The former comes in handy in the hot, humid, sweltering summers, whereas the latter comes in handy come the nippy winters! And thus, we can establish that the Fandelier has been tailor-made for every season –– and that’s not where it ends either.

Despite the fact it boasts the splendid bi-directional technology, contains an incredible DC motor, and is embellished and adorned with 70 LED lights and 120 crystals, the Fandelier consumes only 55 watts of power – which is extraordinary levels of efficiency, that is unmatchable in the Indian market today.

The Founder Speaks

The founder of Fanzart, Mr. Anil Lala, says, “With mesmerizing craftsmanship, inspired by the iconic city of Venice, regarded by connoisseurs as one of the greatest hubs of art, Venetian has as many as 14 foldable acrylic blades around a stunning LED mounted crystal dome and remote control kit for comfort and convenience.”

Explaining further, he adds, “With its unique construction, the Venetian is priced at Rs. 69,990, and is equipped with 70 LED lights and 120 crystals, that consumes only 55 watts of power. When not in use, the Venetian ceiling fan looks like an astonishing ceiling light fixture, with 14 foldable blades which can also be collapsible blades around a stunning mounted crystal dome. Its exclusive motor technology ensures that the fan will remain quiet, while in operation.

“Our range of Fandelier Fans, are perfect for the upcoming festive season. Not only do Fandelier Fans illuminate your room in style but also brings the breezy flair to your celebrations!”

The Features

  • At 82 cms, the fan is perfect for a large bedroom, drawing room, living room, dining area, and even hotels and bars.
  • Remote Control Kit
  • 14 blades, each of which is retractable and collapsible when not in us
  • 52 inches long
  • A 20 mm, powerful DC motor
  • 38 watts LED
  • Multiple colours

And well, there you have it. With a ton of top-notch features, flawless, stunning designs, and aimed to please the trained eye, you can’t miss out on installing one. Or more than one, really –– we’re more than happy to help you there!

For what makes four walls a house are the functional appliances, true. But what makes a house a home is when the appliances are no longer just bland and forgettable, but beautiful pieces of art that make you want to come back every time you leave. 

You can learn more about Fanzart and its beautiful Fandelier on our website here: https://www.fanzartfans/


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