Presenting, Fanzart’s Aqua Jet – The Most Premium Mist Fan in the Market!

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“I don’t dream of a ceiling fan which is always here spinning above my head. I dream of a cool weather.”

Little known author Munia Khan’s words might not be known by many, but few amongst us can deny that they are relatable to a certain degree. The job of fans, after all, is to make your life a whole lot more comfortable. And yet, in the world of technology – especially where the subject of ‘cool weather’ is concerned – your average fan falls way down the pecking order, with the AC and the cooler constantly receiving preference.

We at Fanzart, though, love a challenge and were having none of that. We’re all about the evolution of fans, and pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Why splurge on an AC, when a fan can do the same job? And what if we told you that we have created a fan that is so magnificent, and yet so powerful, that it fulfills your dream of cool weather, to a point where you wouldn’t need to invest in an AC or a cooler anymore?

Presenting, the Aqua Jet – a Fanzart exclusive fan that’s the most premium mist fan in the market. That might seem like a bold claim – we’ll be the first to admit that – but hear us out. So the real question is, can the fan walk the talk? What makes it so efficient, and so powerful? What makes it so unique? Well, let’s find out.

The Design

The design is the most important aspect of any fan, and so, the first thing you need to know about the Aqua Jet is that it comes in two variants: the outdoor fan meant for larger spaces and a wall-mount version of the same. The outdoor variant is actually a behemoth of a fan – and when we say big, we mean really big. The powerful technological marvel stands well over six feet tall, which allows it to spray its mist to every corner of the space that it’s installed in. While the mist is sprayed evenly, the fan is also custom-fitted with three wheels, which makes it extremely easy to move it around in even bigger spaces. Overall, the fan’s design is extremely user-friendly, and despite its large size, the fan is incredibly easy to handle and maneuver as well – which is another tick in the box for the Aqua Jet!

The Aqua Jet also comes in a wall mount version. Although it isn’t as large as it’s meant for indoor use, but the impact it has on smaller rooms is just as massive. While the fan remains on sale in India, it’s more practical to purchase it if you live in the west, as it’s more suited to the larger homes and rooms there.

The Technology

Simplicity in design is cherished by one and all, and that’s all well and good, but it counts for little if the technology isn’t up to the mark. However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to claim that the engineers at Fanzart have outdone themselves when it comes to the technology of this fan in particular. 

For starters, the Aqua Jet can hold up to 94 liters of water at a time –– which means that even if you use it daily, you don’t have to worry about replacing the water in its tank for at least two to three weeks at a time. However, say you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to keep the water stored in there for what might seem like eons at a time. Or well, maybe you’re just one of those people who won’t be using the fan every day either, and thus, don’t want to store water in the fan’s tank, to begin with. In that case, the fan’s technology allows you to simply connect a pipe to a water outlet, where a slow and steady supply of water ensures that you can enjoy the multiple advantages and benefits of the fan without storage being a problem of any sort.

The fan also boasts as many as seven aluminum blades –– which, when paired with a large motor engine, results in one very powerful fan that resembles a jet engine!

And lastly, despite its size and power, the Aqua Jet remains a premium quality product that provides longevity too, making it a terrific investment that will last you years!

The Impact

Think of a hot summer’s day, when you’re in an outdoor park, or on your terrace, or in the balcony, or just in your backyard or your garden. The Aqua Jet will excel in each and every one of those spaces, as its evenly spread mist helps bring the temperature down but as much as 8º celsius! That’s undoubtedly a huge impact on your immediate environment, and certainly much bigger than what an AC or a cooler would have in an open space. Furthermore, what’s even more impressive is that the fan provides immediate relief – and even if the outdoor space is packed with people, it works wonders and allows you to beat the heat -and how! In fact, the fan is a hot seller for a reason (pun intended), and apart from its extensive private use, is being used commercially in restaurants, hotels, villas, resorts, parks, and stadiums around the world as well! If that’s not some incredible feathers on its hat, we don’t know what is!

All in all, the Aqua Jet is a stunning modern technological marvel that boasts the best of design and technology. Despite its massive size, the fan is easy to use, easy to maneuver product. Furthermore, its top-notch technology and ensured longevity make it a terrific one-time-investment that provides incredible value for money as well. We at Fanzart are incredibly proud of it!

You can learn more about the Aqua Jet on our website here: http://fanzartfans.com/


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