Pedestal fan vs wall mounted fan: which one is better for your home?

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Purchasing a fan for your living room is fairly straightforward. You know what you want (it’s almost always a ceiling fan), you know its objective, and you simply go and get it. It then radiates a resplendent aura right in the middle of your living room, and ultimately does its job to perfection.

Picking a fan for the smaller rooms, though, isn’t as much of a doddle. A ceiling fan usually doesn’t make the cut, and thus, it’s important to find an alternative that does the job, and does the job well.

However, the question is this: should you go for aesthetics or performance? At Fanzart, we answer the question the only way we know best – by leaving you entirely spoilt for choice.

There are two fan categories you can pick from Wall mounted or Pedestal. Let’s break each one down to see which one works best for your home.

Wall Mounted Fans

As the name suggests, Wall Mounted fans are strategically placed on your wall to provide you with air that’s focused in a particular area. This could be your bed, your desk, dining table or any other part of the room where you spend the majority of your day.

Having said that, wall mounted fans do much more than that. If placed correctly, they can help with the cross ventilation of the air in the room –– making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Fanzart has three models in its Wall Mounted category:

Atom, Edge, and Twinz.

While the first two are fairly straightforward, we highly recommend the Twinz. Why? Because apart from being crafted using natural blades, it comes as a ‘pair’, can be set up on opposite sides of the room, and does a fantastic job of sending gusts of cool breeze your way, even in the harshest of summers!

Pedestal Fans

First things first: Pedestal fans are perfect for those who don’t like the idea of permanency. Multi-functional and easy to move and manoeuvre around, pedestal fans make for the perfect pick if your room is, let’s say, flexible.

These fans require less maintenance, save a ton of energy, and are light in weight too – which makes the whole moving it around the house business a whole lot easier. 

Fanzart has a larger range of Pedestal fans, which includes:

Buddy, Chotu, Humanoid, Rave, Hawk & Tron.

Of these, the Humanoid and the Tron stand out. The Humanoid literally has a ‘human tracker’ – which means, the fan tracks your movement and follows you around to send gusts of wind your way!

The Tron, on the other hand, comes equipped with the best of modern technology. It not only displays the temperature of the room but also boasts a 90º rotation system that ensures the air is spread evenly around the room.

So, which one is better for your home? We personally believe either one works fine! It really depends on what you are looking for, how you do up your space, and what your priorities are. 

Once you have those answers, weigh the pros and cons, and go through this blog again – the choice, we promise, will be easy to make!


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