Presenting, The Fandelier – The Only Luxurious Home Trend You Need

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Home decor in India is extremely underrated. Functional, premium home decor, even more so. Very few people in the country realise that there’s a certain sense of beauty associated with it – after all, the job of home decor is to add (and increase!) the aesthetic value of your room, and your home.

Trouble is, while there are scores of decor stores in the country, mostly catering to pieces of art that can be stored or hung in a place that falls in your peripheral vision, the people in India have never seen the humble ceiling fan as a potential decor item.

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20 Home Upgrades You Should Have Before You Turn 30

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Ah, thirty – the age that seems funny when it happens to other people, till inevitably enough, it happens to you. As we slowly come to terms with aching muscles and greying hair, there’s a whole new problem that brews all along on the side: being a fully functional adult, and making a home.

It’s often said that most 30-year-olds are just 18-year-olds with 12 years of life experience – and if you fall firmly in that category, and are clueless about how to go about life, then well, this is a good place to begin.