Have You Heard Of Fanzart’s Summer Winter Feature?

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Here’s a peculiar question for you: winter is upon us, and you’re feeling extremely cold. Or maybe the weather is just comfortably nippy, even. In such a situation, would you switch the fan on or off?

Now, logic suggests that you switch it off – you don’t want to freeze to death! However, what if we told you that switching the fan on can actually help make the room a whole lot warmer? 

Presenting, Fanzart’s exclusive and unique technology: the summer-winter feature! Known to be pioneers in the Indian market, Fanzart and its uber-talented team of engineers burnt many a midnight oil to conceptualize the innovative technology. After that, it was all about the effort and determination to perfect the feature – and now that it has been successfully achieved, it’s about to revolutionize the way a fan functions, forever!

So, what is the summer-winter feature? Here’s how a fan traditionally works: it rotates anti-clockwise to create a vortex that pushes out cool breeze, sending gusts of winds your way while pushing the hot air up.

However, come winter, we switch the fan off because we want some heat to keep us warm. However, it also causes our room to become stuffy, as there’s little to no air circulation. And that’s where the ‘winter’ part of our summer-winter feature comes in!

Fanzart’s fan is bi-directional – which means they can rotate both clockwise, and anti-clockwise. During winters, you can use your remote to switch the fan’s direction, causing it to rotate clockwise – that would reverse the process, and allow the fan to effectively circulate the warm air around the room! The ‘cozy warm air effect’, as we call it, will ensure the balminess of the room is maintained, and that the room will no longer feel stuffy either!

Furthermore, what’s pertinent to note is that the Summer-Winter feature will help you save a ton of money too. You won’t need to spend on an air conditioner in the summers, or a heater in the winters, as our bidirectional fans will solve all your weather woes. And oh, did we mention that our fans are equipped with an energy-efficient DC motor, and consume just 30 watts of power while in use? That’s three times as less as a ceiling fan, forget air conditioners and heaters!

Speaking about the technology, Anil Lala, director of Fanzart India said, “In summers, our summer-winter fans will cut back on the need for air conditioning, without sacrificing comfort, while in winters, you can stay warm with the unique technology. Ideal for adding comfort to a bedroom or family room, the summer-winter fans can be used for cooling or heating a space year-round.”

Furthermore, he adds, “In winters we usually don’t have air circulation and hence feel stuffy. Our technology will help circulate cozy warm air. The fan blades can be customized to match any lacquer finish interior, too, which makes our fans charming, efficient, and versatile. Balancing aesthetics and the best of technology, these fans are sure to help users save on energy bills all year long, and its unique wooden design promises to be the center of attention in every season.”

Presently, the summer-winter feature is available in over 30 of Fanzart’s fans – including the Maple, a sleek five-blade fan that exudes gorgeousness. It also boasts the standard Fanzart technologies – whisper-quiet technology, three times the airflow, and low power consumption!

If you want a visual representation of how the fan works, here’s a video that explains it to perfection.

Alternatively, you could visit our website and learn more about Fanzart and its products here: www.fanzartfans.com


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