Five Unique Fanzart Technologies That Make It The Best Fan In India!

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Fans – those things on your ceiling you usually care so little about, we bet you wouldn’t even know which brand yours is unless you double checked. After all, ask the average John Doe, and he’ll tell you that at the end of the day, fans are all one and the same. You switch them on, dabble with the regulator, and the faster they rotate, the more air they provide. Right?

Well, that’s wrong. Incredibly wrong.

Let’s break things down a little. We’re in 2018, and in the midst of a technological boom. Innovation is at its peak, and the limits of every machine are being pushed and tested consistently. So the question here is, why should your fans be any different?

The fact of the matter is, although there are multiple brands of fans available in the market, there’s not enough awareness about what a fan should do –– let alone knowing what a fan potentially could do. Keep in mind that a fan simply cannot spin as fast as possible –– there are restrictions on those sort of things to avoid injuries and mishaps. It actually involves a lot of analysing, attention to detail, and devotion to engineering and physics to craft a fan that can actually make a difference.

And that is where Fanzart comes in. Contrary to popular belief, we’re not just a ‘luxury designer fan brand’. At Fanzart, we believe in using the finest 21st-century mechanization to create fans that help to not just increase efficiency, but also provide you with the finest cutting-edge technology. Our engineers, who love a challenge, have worked tediously and meticulously to create a range of fans that maximize airflow and improve efficiency. Throw stunning designs and over 75 different options into the mix, and you’re left spoilt for choice too!

Wondering what these technologies are? Well, read on to learn more!

1. Whisper Quiet Technology

One of the biggest complaints with most fans is that they’re loud. Not that we need fans that are eerily quiet – that’d be kinda creepy. We don’t mean the creaky, rusty ones either. We talking about those fans that are just about loud enough to ruin your sleep. And for those of you who are light sleepers, especially, that’s a big no-no.

We at Fanzart recognized that problem, and thus, for soundless, serene, and peaceful nights, our fans come incorporated with the ‘Whisper Quiet Technology’ which means that at any given point, the fan’s noise levels will not exceed 38 dB.

How does this happen?

Well, Fanzart fans are created using only the finest materials, which, when combined with a unique blade angle, allows the fans to offer maximum air delivery at low RPMs. In layman terms, while the fan does rotate slower than others, its technology and angular blades allow it to send a bigger gust of wind your way after every rotation, all while being incredibly silent!

As mentioned earlier, these fans come in different sizes and styles too – so it’s not like you have to pick and settle for one!

2. 3D Oscillation

If this particular series of fans sounds fancy, that’s probably because well, it is. The only fan of its kind in India, the 3D Oscillation technology allows these fans to rotate across the X-axis as well as the Y-axis – which, in layman terms, would be horizontally, as well as vertically. This provides a steady flow of breeze across the length and breadth of the room, with minimum effort, too.

A part of the ‘Smart Series’ from Fanzart, the range of fans are known to rotate in three different planes. They can go up and down, and also sideways, to provide air for the whole room that they are placed in. This provides you with a complete 360º ‘AirXperience’, and makes these trendy hybrid fans incredibly utilitarian and useful as well!

3. Summer Winter Feature

One of the first things you need to know as a fan owner is that your fan spinning wildly is circles isn’t what cools the room down. There’s a lot of physics involved in the process – and that’s where our Summer Winter Feature comes in.

When a fan moves counter-clockwise, the air is blown straight down, while the warm air rises up. This is the feature that you’ll need in the hot summers.

However, come winter, this will cause you to freeze to death – and thus, your fan needs to move clockwise in these months. Why? Because this causes the cool breeze to be vacuumed up, but at the same time, ensures that there’s an ample amount of air circulation in the room.

Now, it’s practically impossible to replace your fan every few months or to have an electrician drop by to alter the way your fan rotates, but thankfully, we’re here to help.

Fanzart fans come with an inbuilt bi-directional feature – which means, with a mere click of a button, you can decide which way you want your fan to rotate.

Not many products boast such smart technologies in India. So this is pretty nifty, innit?

The weather in India, in most places anyway, is hot and humid year-round. Switching the fan off, thus, is never an option – especially in the sweltering summers, where the absence of a functional fan is akin to being in hell itself.

In such a situation, having a fan that sends gust after gust of cool breeze your way is an absolute must. What if we told you that at Fanzart, we not only make fans that do just that, but also provide you with as much as three times the airflow?

How’s that even possible, you ask?

Well, we have two words for you: angular blades. All Fanzart fans, in fact, have a unique blade angle, that produces three times the airflow as compared to the fans that have blades perpendicular to the flow of air. So yes, what we’re saying is, believe it or not, the physics of it all is not related to the speed at which the fan rotates –– it’s the angle at which it rotates at that’s key.

To explain it further, this is due to the ‘vortexing’ of the air in the room, that is pushed by the angular blades. This in turn produces and pushes out more air and hence, provides more comfort to everyone sitting in the room!

4. Unique Blade Angle

We’ve already covered this a bit earlier, but it’s such an amazing bit of technology that it certainly deserves a point of its own. It’s something that we’re incredibly proud of, too!

So, how does this work?

Well, the unique blade angle technology helps you create a vortex of air circulation between the ground and the ceiling, with the fan acting as a catalyst to the circulation system and increasing the speed of the flow. If that sounds like a lot of jargon, understand that this is the same technology some helicopters use to create downforce and take flight –– almost like physics set in poetic motion!

While we assure you nothing in your house will ‘take flight’, we do promise you that it will create a pleasant and cosy environment in your room. We assure you, the continuous airflow will change your nights for the better, and allow you to relax and sleep with renewed comfort!

And well, there you have it. We’ve given you five incredible, nigh on perfect reasons that tell you just why Fanzart makes the best ceiling fans in India. Why settle for something ordinary, when you could have so much more?

If you want to learn more about us, or the kind of fans we make, you can find more information on our website here: https://www.fanzartfans.com/


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