An Introduction To Fanzart’s Brushless DC Motor Fans

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First things first: a fan needs a motor to run. A motor is a power delivery machine. Its primary job is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. As technology has evolved over time, multiple types of motors are used for myriad purposes.

At Fanzart, though, our fans are made using ‘Brushless DC Motors’ – but the question is, what is a brushless DC motor, and what makes it so special?

Historically speaking, most machines used brushed motors.

Brushed vs Brushless Motor

Historically speaking, most machines used brushed motors. The science behind it is that the brushes in these machines charge the ‘commutator’ which causes the armature to rotate, which in turn causes the machine to function and convert electricity. Brushed motors have been used in most machines since the 18th century, and while its design was simple, it consumed a significant amount of power. Furthermore, the brushes lacked when you needed high torque, and the brushes needed to be cleaned on a regular basis too – adding to the already existing troubles.

Brushless motors, as the name suggests, contain no brushes – but instead, rely on their sophisticated design to get the job done. A brushless motor mounts its permanent magnets, usually four or more, around the perimeter of the rotor in a cross pattern, which produces the desired result. If you adjust the magnitude and direction of the current into these coils, you can control the rotation as well. Since they’re ‘synchronous motors’ the machine’s rotors and stators turn at the exact same frequency – making them extremely efficient for modern appliances.

The Benefits Of Brushless Motors

Unlike brushed motors, brushless motors can deliver high levels of torque – high power, consistently, continuously. Secondly, these motors can be controlled to deliver exactly the kind of output you need, with regards to its maximum rotation force or speed. This level of control and precision helps lengthen the battery’s power life, and in turn, your machine’s life as well. 

Furthermore, the lack of brushes reduces friction, making the motor more durable, reliable, and powerful. They also require little to no maintenance, which helps you do away with a massive headache. There’s also better heat dissipation, which meats your motor or the appliance doesn’t heat up as fast, or as much. A truly versatile motor, its simple design also reduces the concomitant ‘loud noise’ – which explains why most of Fanzart’s fans are whisper quiet!

Power Consumption

The name of the game is energy, and the biggest benefit, by far, is the fact that a brushless motor consumes way less power. Reduced energy consumption is great not just for the environment, but also for your own pocket – so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Fanzart’s fans, in fact, consume as little as 55 watts of power – and a huge reason for that is the use of brushless DC motors!

Fanzart’s Range

As the largest designer fan company in India, Fanzart feels responsible to blend aesthetics with the best of technology to give you the finest product possible. Which means, the fans are not only stylish and aesthetically appealing, but 100% efficiently robust as well. From here are over 95 different types of fans to pick from, and each one is customizable, mind you. Fanzart really leaves you spoilt for choice, and the fact that helps you save power, makes it a terrific investment too.

Smarter Homes

It’s 2019, and we’re well and truly in the digital age. Technology is making homes better and smarter, and it’s about time that you take the leap and jump on the bandwagon too. Smart homes are all about automation –communicating with your devices, that in turn, communicate with you. Intelligence, complete control, security, and smart energy management are the highlights of any smart home – and Fanzart does its bit to help you achieve that.

For example, the fans are not only remote-controlled, but rotate bi-directionally too, which comes in handy during seasonal changes. The DC motor helps save a ton of energy too –– making it durable, reliable, and a terrific smart appliance that ticks all the boxes, and how!


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