20 Home Upgrades You Should Have Before You Turn 30

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Ah, thirty – the age that seems funny when it happens to other people, till inevitably enough, it happens to you. As we slowly come to terms with aching muscles and greying hair, there’s a whole new problem that brews all along on the side: being a fully functional adult, and making a home.

It’s often said that most 30-year-olds are just 18-year-olds with 12 years of life experience – and if you fall firmly in that category, and are clueless about how to go about life, then well, this is a good place to begin.

As you enter the fourth decade of existence, here are 20 home upgrades you need that will make your life a whole lot better in your 30s!

A Closet

You’re 30 – you cannot possibly be living out of your suitcase, or worse, diving headfirst into a mountain of your clothes that is perched atop the infamous chair. If you find yourself thinking, ‘But I have a cupboard!’ no, that doesn’t count. When we say closet, we mean a proper, legitimate closet – one where all your clothes are systematically arranged; one where t-shirts, undies, ties, trousers, and jeans have their own sections. Less clutter, more sanity, please.

An Actual Bed

At least a queen-sized bed. Get over the idea of a single bed, or well, two worn-out mattresses sprawled on your floor. You’re not getting any younger, and your ageing back deserves better than that.

Comfortable Seating

That means no ugly plastic chairs, no splintering, wobbly chairs either, and definitely no bean bags. Unless you’re a hermit, you will have company every now and then, and making comfort a priority is never a bad idea. And thus, it’s wise to invest in a comfortable couch that’ll make both yours, and your guests’ life so much better.

A Collection

Collection, as a hobby, is never a bad idea. So be it stamps, action figures, comic books, or memorabilia, own it and put it out on display. You’d be surprised at the beautiful impact it has on your home.


We’re not sure if this even needs to be mentioned, and even if we are, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We live in the digital age, and gadgets enhance our lives like nothing else. So be it the echo, a PlayStation, or an iPad – feel free to indulge in whatever tickles your fancy and splurge a little every now and then.

A (mini?) Garden

Given that most of us live in apartments, it’s nigh on impossible to own a garden – but we could always own some potted plants! Be it in your balcony by the window sill, a splash of green will do wonders to the look and feel of your house – and of course, to the air you breathe in as well!

Let There Be More Light

There has never been a house with a white light that qualifies as pretty. Explore your options, and invest in yellow lights that add a warmer touch to the apartment. And of course, you always have the choice of investing in Fanzart’s Fandelier – a beautiful combination of the fan and the chandelier!

A Splash of Colour

Just like white lights, painting your walls white is boring. You live in a home, not a hospital ward – so experiment with hues and a splash of colours, and it’ll only make your home that much prettier!

A Study

If you can’t devote an entire room to a study, at least invest in a desk, a chair, and a table lamp. You’ll be surprised by how much more productive it makes you, and how less frequently you suffer from backaches after!

A Fanzart Fan

Bid regular fans adieu, and invest in a Fanzart fan, that boasts the perfect combination of luxury and technology. Not only will it be an upgrade, but it’ll be a beautiful one at that – and you’ll pay a smaller electricity bill too. With over 85 products on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice as well. Find a fan for every room, and you’ll be much, much happier!

A Better Security System

Gone are the days when a mere peephole would be more than enough. As mentioned earlier, when technology is available, make the most of it. So invest in a CCTV camera, because nothing is more important than your well-being.

The Bathroom

Investing in a shower separator and a shower head is never a bad idea. Get a swanky new, clean mirror too – it truly does make a world of a difference.

More Art!

When we say art, we don’t mean investing in cheap posters that cover up cracks and peeling paint. We mean legitimate pieces of art, or at the very least, gorgeous framed posters that add some aesthetic value to your apartment. Your choice of art says a lot about you as an individual – so choose wisely!

A Library

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to devote a whole room and convert it into a library. It could be a part of your study, and if you don’t have room for that, you could easily invest in a small bookshelf and store your books with ease. Much like art, books make a world of a difference – not just to the beauty of your apartment, but to your overall personality as well!


Say no to paper plates, and definitely say no to steel ones! You’re not in a college mess, and investing in cutlery is important. You need to own some dining sets – that includes multiple spoons, forks, knives, and of course, a set of ceramic plates.

Kitchen Appliances

This might seem like an extension of the last point, but we’re trying to drive the point home because you can’t survive on takeouts forever. Even if you don’t cook yourself, you might hire a cook, or might want to learn how to cook, and thus, kitchen appliances are supremely important. If you don’t know where to begin, here’s a terrific guide to get you started.


Labour is cheap in India, and sure, you might have a dude who drops by and picks up your laundry, but isn’t it easier and cheaper to do your own laundry, rather than being at the mercy of a stranger? Invest in a fully automatic machine, and you’ll be surprised at how easy the whole process is. You literally have to click two buttons, add some detergent, and well, Bob’s your uncle!

More Frames

As mentioned earlier, pretty pieces of art make your space so much more beautiful. Frames, on the other hand, add a touch of sophistication to the same – and aren’t limited to just paintings either. It could be your degree, a family photo, graphic art, or even a signed jersey of your favourite sportsperson – the possibilities are endless!

Permanent Furniture

The thing about permanency is that says a lot about you as a person who’s willing to make commitments. At 30, you should be settled in an apartment where you see yourself for at least a few years, if not a decade or more – and thus, investing in permanent furniture is a great way to begin. And you can’t deny – when done right, it looks pretty stunning too!

Mastering The Art Of Letting Go

Lastly, the biggest home decor upgrade you need is not an upgrade at all – but in fact, it’s the ability to let go. Hoarding is a major problem that most of us have – but as mentioned earlier, things like splintering chairs, torn beanbags, worn-out mattresses, and broken furniture have no place in the home of a fully functional adult. Much like permanent furniture, the art of letting go is telling of the person you are – and in the long run, a neater, clutter-free home will do wonders to how the apartment looks and feels too.


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