The Aqua Jet is a harbinger of change into the Mist Fan market. This will come to be the first premium mist fan in this particular segment. While most products of this archetype last between one to three years, the premium quality and robustness of this fan gives it a life of ranging from twenty to twenty-five years depending on use. This top-of-the-line product will serve you through the ages in an efficient fashion. The Aqua Jet is also available in a Wall-Mount version that makes it the perfect Mist fan for homes as well, while the Standing version is a great outdoor mist fan. The outdoor version is lightweight, and custom-fitted with three articulating wheels that make it extremely motile, and can be moved around with ease.

This mist fan with water spray is the perfect partner for Villas/Resorts as well as Stadiums and Parks.This fan can be placed in Hotels, Malls and Marriage Halls to provide a cool, comfortable atmosphere. It will also make its presence felt in Cafes/Restaurants and large gatherings at Convention Halls.

So without further ado, get the Aqua Jet Mist Fan- A Fresh Breeze of Mist.

Check out the product: https://bit.ly/2IWC79V

perfect partner for the summer

Summer in India is just around the corner, and each year gets drier, warmer and provides more discomfort than the last. With the onset of March, the raging sun is already causing us to sweat uncontrollably, not to mention the prickly heat that drains us out within minutes of being outside.

Fans, Coolers and Air Conditioner Sales are on the rise, but what if we told you we could give you a combination of all three, that provides a canopy of cool, moist air and lets you achieve a supreme level of comfort?

Fanzart introduces the Aqua Jet Mist Fan, a Centrifugal-type fan with water spray, that offers a cool, fresh breeze of mist.


World Class Technology


Experience the Cutting-Edge Technology that defines Fanzart’s Aqua Jet. The Balance Tested Aluminium Blades with Zero-Vibration technology and Adjustable angles makes it the most ergonomic choice in the Mist Fan Class. This fan provides the maximum amount of mist, at minimal noise levels, it also guides the direction of the air-flow.

The Design Element that is inspired by the engine of an aircraft only adds to the aesthetic of this powerful and very stable fan. This is a pedestal type Mist Fan with wheels that make it easily motile. Image


Robust, Premium Mist Fan


The Aqua Jet delivers upto fifteen hours of mist on one tank load, and yes this is not only a mist fan that comes fitted with a water tank, but it can also be directly connected to a water supply. The Automatic Level Controller enables this fan to be operated continuously. This fan can effectively cool about a 1000 square feet of closed/open areas. The adjustable Mist Levels on this fan make it an economical choice, and the Sway feature enables it to cool a large area, very evenly.