“Welcome to the World of Luxury Designer Fans!”

Here are certain details about us that you might want to know

At Fanzart, we believe that an exquisite concoction of technology and beauty can bring about evolutionary innovation. A customer only truly embraces change through the enlightening experience of premium quality products that can walk the talk. We recognize that and imbibe that value in everything we do –– especially so when crafting our range of luxury fans.

It is this commitment, desire, and attention to detail that has see Fanzart leapfrog its competitors and soar to the top in such a short period. Today, the company has risen to prominence as a pioneer and leader in the luxury designer fans segment, and we’re known to create products that not only look stylish, simple and artistic, but also efficiently robust. If your goal is to add art to your ceiling, Fanzart’ stagline, “Designer Fans For Designer Homes” succeeds at describing it best. Our stellar range of designer fans not only serves the purpose of air-circulation, but also beautifies your space, by adding elements of grace, elegance and grandeur. We help you create an ambience that  makes your space the talk of the town, time-and-again!

We are available pan India and are able to deliver our products to every corner of India and neighbouring countries.



Founder & MD

A mechanical & Industrial engineer, Anil Lala began his career at Hindustan Lever as a site engineer. With a constant desire to learn from the ground up, Anil went to work with a number of small scale industries. If there is one thing that you will hear constantly reiterated about Anil Lala, it is his ability to pay attention to the minutest of details. At a chance evening out in San Diego, USA Anil and his wife Sangeeta chanced upon designer fans at a Mexican restaurant which seemed incredible.

Anil Lala went on to introduce these in India, with about a year in R & D and many changes and value additions the products became suitable for the Indian market. As the founder of Fanzart, innovation has been the constant. The brand today has over 112 models of fans that can suit any type of décor. Each model can be a topic of conversation and is driven by design and passion. Each fan is a solution to a problem sector as well. Step into any one of the showrooms and each beautifully designed fan has a story to tell. In the 8 years of its existence, Fanzart has grown to have 69 showrooms in 45 cities/towns with 21 more showrooms in the pipeline.


Executive Director

Tarun Lala, a second-generation entrepreneur and Executive Director of Fanzart, a family business of luxury designer fans. His role straddles multiple universes of design, innovation, management, and digital technology. An electrical engineer from Northeastern University, USA and a Stanford entrepreneur, Tarun has been a serial entrepreneur from the get-go. As a brand, Fanzart is the only imported brand of fans that are designed and created to suit Indian conditions – a key feature that
Tarun spearheads with an intense research of the market segment.

With his background in technology, over the years, Fanzart has come up with path-breaking (some pending patents) solutions that have combined technology with functionality and aesthetics. Be it the Brushless DC motors, the SmartArt that has solved the problem of automation integration with AC and DC Fans or the speaker technology in the fans that incorporate Bluetooth technology. Tarun has elevated the humble fan from a last-mile purchase to an element incorporated right at the design level. A huge sports fan, particularly Basketball, Tarun is also the proud co-owner of Southside Warriors, a 7-member team in the Street Ball League – a first-of-its-kind 3on3 basketball tournament. Young and raring to go Tarun belongs to the universe of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers who ideate all the time and implement smartly, just as quickly.


President Retail

Sangeeta Lala, President, Fanzart is the epitome of the thought that it’s never too late to pick up where you left off. A star graduate from the Dadar Catering College in Mumbai, with a background in science as well as travel and tourism. At the age of 50, Sangeeta along with her husband Anil cofounded Fanzart. She took to the retail side of the business, which grew rapidly, and she earned herself the title of Retail Queen in a short while.

“It’s all about the passion,” she asserts, whether it is looking after retail, engaging with retail and corporate clients, large and small, planning brand exhibitions or corporate evenings for brand promotion. Sangeeta Lala is a people’s person, with an unmatched ability to forge new relationships and associations is a given. Her passion is a huge factor in the upward trajectory of Fanzart.