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Fanzart Fans are the perfect fusion of beauty & functionality!

Uniquely crafted to perfection, the luxurious breeze experience, and whisper-quiet technology make your home a blissful haven.

For every Style that you can think of, there is a Fanzart fan that can adorn your ceiling and leave you mesmerized with its unparalleled elegance and regality.

Fanzart fans the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality
How to Choose a Fan?

You may choose a fan, based on:

Aesthetic Design or Mood board
Functionality: Location, Room size, Breeze
(CFM, Blade size, Blade pitch, RPM)
Specific Use case: Dining tables, Walk-in closets
Features - Summer-Winter, Sleep Feature, BL-DC motor.
white room interior with designer sofa set

Why fanzart?



Classical Collection (9)

Contemporary Woodcrafted Collection (18)

Simply Modern Collection (48)

Fandelier Collection (17)

Crystal Collection (10)

Tropical Collection (6)

Wall Mount Collection (4)

Outdoor & Mist Collection (2)

Smart Series Collection (8)

Huggers (3)

Kids (11)

Office Solutions (8)

Refined Industrial Collection (10)


    Perizaad Zorabian X Fanzart

    Actor, Entrepreneur


    Perizaad Zorabian Fanzart

    Actor, Entrepreneur


    3D MODELs for Google Sketchup / 3DS Max

    Adding art to your ceiling just became easier!

    Introducing 3D models for Google Sketchup and 3Ds Max Studio. Now you can download our fans from the 3D warehouse and use it to render your space, be it your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room with an actual model of the fan that is available to you.



    Fanzart brings you exquisite luxury fans that are designed to beautify homes with fine craftsmanship and impeccable design. Our high-performance designer ceiling fans are an amalgamation of fine artistic brilliance and new-age technology. These unique and magnificent fans are made to add elegance to your living space and give you a taste of excellence, transporting you to a world of your own, where it’s just you and a luxurious experience from Fanzart Fans. 

    When bringing home a designer ceiling fan, it is pivotal to choose a name you can trust. With our colossal experience and passion for luxury fans, we can assure you that you are in for more than just beautiful accentuations, you are in for a lifetime of association with us, to help you with all your interior needs, especially luxury fans.  

     Our team of aficionados and designers can help you choose the right fans for your home based on your liking and requirements. From our assistance in picking the right fan for your home, to installation to support, our experts are with you every step of the way. 


    Luxury fans are a bespoke element to add to your living space, and Fanzart crafts designer fans for your home and beyond. Crafted for perfection, each one of our designer fans is a reflection of finesse, an extension of your personality, and a reflection of your impeccable taste.  

    Discover a myriad of choices – we have ceiling fans for living rooms, fans for bedrooms, fans for dining rooms, fans for outdoor spaces, and table fans to add functionality to every room. We also have fans for pooja rooms, compact fans for walk-in closets, fans for bathrooms, and every space you could possibly think of. We believe that the beauty of a room can be enhanced multifold with the right fans, and so we have a spectrum of them for every room in the house.  

    Come home to luxury fans that beautify and give you a sweep of air that spells elegance! 


    We are driven by our promise of quality. Every fan conceptualized by us is realized to its true potential with the promise of quality. Our designer-branded fans are undoubtedly the epitome of quality, innovation, and performance your space needs.  

    Be it ceiling fans, fans with lights, fans with remote controls, table fans, fandeliers, or outdoor fans, every piece is a fruit of the effort of bringing together quality, innovation, and performance, not to mention, these are all energy-efficient fans. If high-speed ceiling fans are your next buy, look no further. 


    Fanzart has the most choices when it comes to luxury fans. Choose from the widest range of designer fans that are an embodiment of art and technology. Choose from our luxury classical fans, designer hugger fans, luxury fans for kids’ rooms, luxury recessed fans, designer modern fans, fans with lights, fans with remote controls, crystal fans, wall mount fans, and tower fans.  


    Yes, you can shop for Fanzart luxury fans online in India through our website. We offer a seamless shopping experience that also involves end-to-end support.

    We are headquartered in Bangalore but we have showrooms across India and we offer luxury fans in Bangalore and 100+ other locations in India.   

    Apart from a luxurious feel, our designer fans also add to the aesthetic appeal of your space, making heads turn in awe. These fans are of the highest quality and are made in Taiwan- home to luxury. In addition, our designer fans use the latest technology, are quieter and eco-friendly, thus a smart choice for your spaces. The blend of technology, aesthetics, and craftsmanship make these fans expensive, yet a worthwhile investment for your living space. 

    Yes, we offer customizable designer fans wherein from screen printing the dome, to customizing the lacquer finish in 3600 colors, in a matte or glossy finish, we offer endless customizable options to ensure that your luxury fans are truly unique. 

    Please get in touch with the customer service experts to know more

    Find your closest Fanzart showroom or shop online from our website.  

    Get in touch with our design experts for an end-to-end consultation. 

    Fanzart is a manufacturer of luxury fans that combines aesthetics and functionality. Shop luxury fans and designer fans in India from the most trusted name in the niche.