Dew Drops – Crystal Ceiling Fans – (Fanzart)

Find Dew Drops, the best chandelier ceiling fan from Fanzart. With 4 retractable acrylic blades, very attractive halogens crystal light & a remote control.

– Color: Chrome/ Black nickel
– No. of blades : 4
– Retractable acrylic blades
– Halogens crystal light
– Remote control included


Inspired by one of the most beautiful sights found in nature, ‘DEWDROPS’ lets you relive the freshness of dawn every time you lay your eyes on this spectacle of grandeur. LED lights make the drop-shaped crystals that adorn the dome glisten, as the scythe-shaped blades fill the room with cool breeze in this blissful blend of cutting-edge technology and ethereal beauty. Complete with a remote control, DEWDROPS is definitely a designer fan that has it all.

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